Philodendron Florida Ghost 3.5" Potted Plant
Philodendron Florida Ghost 3.5" Potted Plant
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Philodendron Florida Ghost 3.5" Potted Plant

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Philodendron Florida Ghost is one of the most sought-after houseplants. This rare tropical plant is known for its shiny, deeply lobed leaves on hairy red petioles that unfurl ghostly white before eventually darkening to a deep, attractive green.

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  • Evenly moist soil, higher-than-average humidity, and lots of bright, indirect light will keep it healthy and growing its signature ghostly white leaves. As your plant grows, use a trellis or moss pole to give this climbing plant the support it needs.
  • Bright, indirect light. Leaves will eventually fade to green as they mature, but lots of light will help your plant put out the creamy white young leaves this plant is known for.  
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves and harm your plant.
  • Loose, rich potting mix. You want a mix that drains well but holds onto the moisture your plant needs to stay healthy. This can be a standard indoor potting mix with some perlite or orchid bark mixed in for drainage
  • Water your plant when the top inch or so has dried out and always keep your plant in a pot with drainage holes.
  • This tropical plant loves warmth and humidity. The ideal temperature for philodendron Florida Ghost is between 65 and 95 degrees. Shoot for around 70% relative humidity in your space if you're measuring the moisture in the air with a hygrometer.
  • Feed your plant with a nitrogen-rich liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength. Always water before fertilizing, as adding fertilizer to dry soil can harm your philodendron Florida Ghost's leaves.
  • Feed once per month during the spring and summer growing season, then stop feeding in fall and winter. Resume fertilizing when the plant comes out of dormancy in spring.


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