Advanced Nutrients ph Perfect Sensi Grow B
ph Perfect Sensi Grow B
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Advanced Nutrients

ph Perfect Sensi Grow B

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Sensi-Grow/Bloom A & B is a two-part base nutrient formula that is easy to use. It has been formulated with pH Perfect technology, so your pH will constantly be maintained at the perfect level for optimal growth.

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Here’s what you’ll get when you use Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B:

  1.  Wet Betty – a non-ionic surfactant. A surfactant eases the tension in liquids so that your plants can feed more freely. Most surfactants could easily be replaced with dish soap, because they’re not researched and developed for the specific type of plants you grow. Wet Betty, on the other hand, has been painstakingly researched and developed, through 1000s of hours of plant-specific tissue sample tests. And you get it free when you buy Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B.
  2.  Grandma Enggy’s H-2 (Humates) – both the humates and fulvates are sourced from Leonardite, a rare volcanic rock that is one of the most mineral rich substances on the planet. Humates will boost seed germinating and root growth, as well as boost the power of chelation.
  3.  Grandma Enggy’s F-1 (Fulvates) – fulvates increase the permeability of plant membranes. These will work hand in hand with Wet Betty to make sure your plants can feed effortlessly. 
  4.  20 L-Form Amino Acids – These special L-Form amino acids are powerhouses of plant growth. Just one of these, L-Tryptophan, has the potential to release bloom boosters that could give you the heaviest harvest of your life. There are 19 others included. (It’s important to understand, L-Form amino acids are far superior to D-Form amino acids, which are used by most hydroponic nutrient companies today.)
  5.  Sensi-Bloom/Grow A&B – Perfectly balance your pH with pH Perfect technology.


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Brand Advanced Nutrients
EAN 845268003116
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