Biochar 9L
Biochar 9L
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Biochar 9L

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Feuille D'erable Biochar is a natural, 100% plant-based soil amendment that has been recognized for hundreds of years. Biochar is produced by the carbonization of forest biomass.

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  • Enhances and maintains the development of microorganisms, promoting plant growth.
  • Aids in soil structure, protecting against compaction, promoting aeration and root development.
  • Brings nutrients and releases them gradually into the soil, reducing the need for supplements.
  • Works in synergy with other horticultural agents such as compost, fertilizer and mycorrhiza by optimizing their contribution to the structure of the soil and reducing their leaching.
  • Promotes the retention of water and nutrients near the root system, due to its porous structure.
  • Supports sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of chemical materials in the soil.
  • Helps balance acidic soils.
  • Makes it possible to offset greenhouse gas emissions by acting as a carbon sink in the soil. It therefore reduces the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Composition – Guaranteed analysis on a dry basis:

  • Carbon >75%
  • Ash < 12%
  • Nitrogen < 2%
  • Porosity rate > 70%
  • Pieces between 2mm and 20mm
  • Hardwood


  • Potted plants
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Flower beds
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Lawn


Soak biochar before use. (Min. recommended time: 2 hours.) Soaking optimizes contact between the biochar and the soil and improves mixing efficiency. Repeat the application every two years. For basic soils, use half the recommended rate only.

Containers: 1 part biochar for 3 parts potting soil. Mix in entire container.

Vegetable gardens and flower beds: 9 liters of biochar for 1 m2 of surface. Mix into the soil between 0 and 15 cm deep.

Lawn: When sowing, 2 liters of biochar for 1 m² of surface. Mix into the soil between 0 and 5 cm deep.

Trees: 1 part biochar to 3 parts potting soil Planting: place the mixture at the bottom of the hole before planting the tree. Addition to a tree: make a trench around the tree, pour the mixture and cover.


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