Beneficial Insects-Aphid Control Green Lacewing
Beneficial Insects-Aphid Control Green Lacewing
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Beneficial Insects-Aphid Control Green Lacewing

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Lacewings are general predators that eat aphids, mealybugs, scales, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, insect eggs & beneficial insect food.

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  • Size : 5000 Eggs On Cards
    Size : 5000 Eggs On Cards
  • Size : 10,000 Eggs on Cards (60)
    Size : 10,000 Eggs on Cards (60)
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SHIPPED: Eggs are available on hangable cards (60). Larvae are separated in compartments (called a frame) and used for faster control and accurate placement. Adults can be released from container to fly and lay eggs for longer control. Adults need a pollen source to maximize reproduction.


RELEASE RATE: 1000 eggs cover 18.5 to 46.5 m. sq. (200 to 500 ft. sq.) for inside and 232 m. sq. (2500 ft. sq.) for outside.

LIFECYLCLE: At 80º F (27º C), larvae emerge from eggs in 3 to 5 days from date of shipment. Larvae can walk up to 7 miles. They move from plant to plant if leaves are touching - slower on rough or hairy foliage. For each 5 degrees higher temperature, larvae will clean up aphid infestations a week sooner (higher metabolism makes them eat more). Temperatures of at least 60º F (15.5º C) is required for significant eating and egg-laying.

Larvae are predators for 2 weeks (or longer if nights are cool).



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