Alocasia Silver Dragon 4" Potted Plant
Alocasia Silver Dragon 4" Potted Plant
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Alocasia Silver Dragon 4" Potted Plant

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Alocasia Silver Dragon's stand-out feature is its stunning heart-shaped, thick foliage. The light silver-green shade of the leaves & highly textured dark green venation set the silver dragon apart. It's ideal for making a big impact in a small space.

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  • Alocasias aren't always the best beginner houseplants, and the silver dragon is no exception.
  • It can thrive if you can offer them the right light, warmth and humidity levels. The key is mimicking their native tropical rainforest conditions as closely as possible.
  • Bright, indirect light. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, but too much shade results in straggly, leggy growth. Rotating your plant frequently helps to encourage even foliage growth.
  • A well-draining soilless potting mix instead of straight potting soil is essential to prevent root rot. Using equal parts sustainable coco coir (or sandy potting soil), perlite or pumice, and orchard bark will keep things nice and loose.
  • LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate is a convenient alternative sustainable, porous, light potting mix that Alocasia's do well in.
  • Ideally, you don't want to let the potting mix around your alocasia silver dragon dry out completely. Letting the top couple of inches of soil dry out before giving your plant a thorough watering is optimal. However, don't panic if you forget occasionally. This variety is more tolerant of dry conditions than some other Alocasia, and you might start noticing the leaves warping slightly rather than dropping.
  • Need high humidity to survive. Anything above 50% should be enough, but they thrive when humidity levels are around 60% to 80%
  • Alocasias tend to be heavy feeders. Silver dragons are a more compact variety, they still appreciate the application of a balanced liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks during their growing season in the spring and summer. They also appreciate calcium-rich nutrients like additions of bone meal.


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