Beneficial Insects-Fungus Gnat Control Guardian 1.25M (2 sponges)
Beneficial Insects-Fungus Gnat Control Guardian 1.25M (2 sponges)
C$17.50 CAD

Beneficial Insects-Fungus Gnat Control Guardian 1.25M (2 sponges)

CAD 17.50 Excl. tax

Guardian for Fungus Gnat Kit is a 2 application of beneficial nematodes about 2 weeks apart. The kit contains yellow sticky cards with twist ties for trapping adults.

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Nematodes are isolated Canadian Strains reared on a live host; fresher, keyed to Canadian pests & 100% organic.

Life Cycle
The adults only live for about 10 days but, they can lay in excess of 200 eggs during that time. Adults lay eggs which hatch into larvae in 4 to 6 days. For 12 to 14 days the larvae feed on the roots of your plants and then molt. The larvae are clear to creamy-white and can grow to about 5 mm long with shiny black head capsules. At the end of 12-14 days the larvae pupate in the soil. The pupal stage may last 4-6 days. The whole life cycle is completed within 4 to 5 weeks.

Sizes Available: 
Small - 2 sponges of 1.25 million nematodes 2.5m2(25ft2)

Medium - 2 sponges of 2.5 million nematodes to cover 5m2(50ft2)

Large - 2 sponges of 5 million nematodes covers 10m2 (100ft2)


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